Re: [RML] Chris Drew's addy

Merlin (merlin at
Fri, 17 Oct 1997 13:33:40 +1000

Hi Mary,

Chris Drew did leave the List one way or another.

I am sorry but I don't have an address for him. Maybe he has a friend that
does who will contact you.


At 06:34 PM 16-10-97 PDT, you wrote:
>Hi All - My name is Mary. I'm new to the list. I've been lurking for
>now. I find the information very useful.
>I wanted to buy some rainbows and blue eyes. I live in Toronto and I
>know that Chris Drew is a rainbow person. I haven't seen any postings
>from him lately. Has he left the LIST and if so could anyone provide me
>with his email address?
>If I can't reach him I'll be back again to see who else can provide me
>with some fish. I'd really prefer a Canadian source just to keep things
>Keep up the good work. I really enjoy learning about these beautiful
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