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Thu, 2 Oct 1997 16:39:53 +1000

Dear mudpuddle,

I am not an expert, never claimed to be, that was not my intention. I
don't keep that many fish myself any more, haven't done for a while.

Just a guy who, along with a friend, started a mailing list.

And if I was still running it, I'd be desubscribing you as soon as I
got home from work. :) Am I a grumpy testy bastard? Hell yes, ask
anyone :) But like I keep saying, that is not something I have to
worry about any more... that is Googly's problem, and if he doesn't
like what I have to say then he will tell me.

You can't explain anything to me, I have heard a hundred variations on
the same whine before. I am defending the fundamental right of
members of this list to put anything that they like under the heading
of SPAM. SPAM happens on this list, deal with it in whatever way you
deem appropriate.

I don't have to deal with Roy as Co-Chairman of ANGFA(NA), to me he is
The Rooster, a friend who I share jokes with and a few beers if ever
our paths cross again RL. I think that if ANGFA(NA) members expect
their Co-Chairman to act with dignity at all times then they need a
different club or a different Co-Chairman ;) He does more than most
for the hobby.

Regards, Andrew

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Subject: Re: Re[2]: [RML] Re: SILVER BUDGIE SHOES (SPAM)
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Date: 10/2/97 3:56 PM

Dear Andrew
Aren't you the testy one. Seems like you can dish it out but can't take it.
No one said this list dosen't contain the best and foremost knowledgable
bowheads out there. Let me explain it to you. When you have new people that
show an interest in bows you shouldn't flame them for wondering what you
are talking about. There was very little talk going on about bows and he
just didn't understand what the talk was all about. After all his interest
in bows is what got him to join the list in the frist place. You too had to
learn about bows. You didn't start off as an expert. Who knows this guy
might become the foremost authority on bows . Chances are he won't, but let
him enjoy his hobby to. If you don't give him or anyone else a chance to
learn, then no one will learn. I still stand by my comment to Roy,
especially since it came from him as Co-Chairman of ANGFA of North America.
This is not the way to get new members.
mudpuddle at

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> Subject: Re[2]: [RML] Re: SILVER BUDGIE SHOES (SPAM)
> Date: Wednesday, October 01, 1997 7:27 PM
> Dear mudpuddle,
> You can leave too if you don't like it.
> Better yet, form a Deadly Serious Rainbowfish Only mailing list, then you
get to
> put up with people who whine like yourself.
> I put up with crap like yours for 18 months as co-moderator of the list,
I sure
> don't have to any more.
> Regards, Andrew
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> Date: 10/2/97 12:08 PM
> Roy
> What a wonderful and creative way to greet a new member.
> mudpuddle at
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> > From: Roy Hunter <roy at>
> > To: rainbowfish at
> > Date: Wednesday, October 01, 1997 7:19 AM
> >
> > George, If you dont like the list and the format you can always
> > un-subscribe yourself. This list IS NOT for rainbowfish talk only, it
> a
> > list OF FRIENDS and we like to share different things from time to
> >
> > End of that subject till next month......
> >
> > Roy Hunter
> > Co-Chairman
> > ANGFA of North America
> > visit the ANGFA website at:
> >
> > reach me at:
> > roy at
> >
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> > > From: MR GEORGE W DAVIS <RVFS68A at>
> > > To: rainbowfish at
> > > Subject: Re: [RML] Re: SILVER BUDGIE SHOES (SPAM)
> > > Date: Tuesday, September 30, 1997 7:23 PM
> > >
> > > I've been on the list for three or four days now. Nothing but
> > > Budgie business. What gives? Do you ever talk about rainbows?
> > > Plus it is supposed to be moderated. Why not cut out the Budgie
> > talk?
> > >
> > > George, Wilmington, DE