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Thu, 2 Oct 1997 9:43:40 +1000

No, the only surprising part is that after 18 months and 20 megabytes
+ of text between the foremost bowheads in the world there are still
people who join and within days are telling us how to run the list.

Like I said before, some people stay, some don't... last time I
looked there were 130+ people who were staying.

Like I said to the other guy, if you don't like it, leave. Or get a
filter-capable mail client.

Regards, Andrew
The other ex-moderaptor...

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Date: 10/2/97 3:29 AM

In < at>, on 10/01/97
at 11:12 AM, Merlin <merlin at> said:
>> I've been on the list for three or four days now. Nothing but this
>>Budgie business. What gives? Do you ever talk about rainbows?

>Wow, that long! really!!!

OK, cool bit of sarcasm. But it really is weird when you subscribe to a
new list and find NOTHING about the supposed subject, just a whole series
of weirdly idiosyncratic messages.

Just a statistical glitch, as it turns out; maybe related to exhaustion
after the RSG convention, which of course was a reason for a bunch of new
subscriptions to the list. But you really ought not to be surprised when
people start asking whether they somehow got on the budgies mailing list
when they thought they were getting rainbows.

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