The Conference

Andrew Boyd (andrew at
Mon, 21 Oct 1996 23:05:35 +1000

Howdy All!! Just a quick note to say that I survived the Melbourne ANGFA
Convention and am now happily ensconced back at my 'puter.

There'll be a heap of good stuff on the Convention on the list, no doubt,
but a few things I wanted to say...

- Thanks ANGFA(Vic). Well Done!

- Thanks once again to my RML Talk co-presenters: Alan Ford, Roy Hunter,
Barry Mieklejohn, and last but not least, Bruce Hansen. I think we gave
them something to think about.

- Thanks to all the RML members who I met through the weekend who had many
kind words to say about the list - it was appreciated. I am extremely
pleased to have met you through the weekend and shared a beer or ten.

There will be many more things to say as a result of the discussions that
took place - not the least of which is the taxonomy of a certain Genus
Melanotaenia ;P

Regards, Andrew Boyd

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