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On 11 Oct 2000,, bowluvr wrote:

> Like I said, my only problem w/ Tetra is their propaganda regarding
> not having to do water changes. I had a bad experience w/ the product,
> that is all. I was rather impressed w/ the response by Tetra and their
> reps -- they were genuinely concerned that their product caused these
> problems and took immediate action to try and figure out why this
> happened. At least they back up their snake oil, eh? ;-)

These products are not aimed at us, the gurus of the hobby the
hobby (the rainbow and killifish elite). These 'wonder' products are
aimed at the newbies and yuppy scum that is entering the hobby
and are too lazy to change their water every so often. Tetra
knows, Hagen knows it, they all know it and prey on these idiots
with guady advertising and bald face half truths. The best example
has to be Hagen's Nutrifin fish food. What crap! My fish would live
better fed on cardboard.
Tetra's products are generally superior to most others (naturally,
given the German paranoia for quality--- an admiral trait). We owe
this all to such devoted people as Dr. Baensch etc... Personally I
feed Rutro (or is it Ruto, I forget) as I can get it in bulk and at a
cheaper price and is really great. All my frozen food is also
imported from Geramny via the local Discus Scociety.

I seem to of strayed from the point... Attempts to get rid of false
advertising it very noble and in many cases very justified but with
many of these filters it is the truth. Many of the new filters can
support a fish quota far exceeding reality for the tank. Campaigns
should be aimed at telling people that you can't keep 100 fish in a
60 cm tank even if the filter can take it. It must also be said that
you can't maintain a tank without doing water changes. Many of the
new people don't know this as they are not exposed to the
information through experianced people or litrature such as a good
magazine. Stopping companies from advertising in a magazine will
see a decline in advertiser confidence which will see less money
coming to the magazine and a decline in quality and finally the loss
of the magazine, and then 1 very NB source of information to the
newbie will be gone. Further more we may loose such valuable
organiszations such as Tetra.

By the way, if you want to campaign about something, get rid of
those AZoo palmtop aquariums. They are a disaster and a
deathtrap to fishes all over the world.

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