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G'gay guys,
Thanks to all those who replied.
If I could just go into a little more detail.

So what I need to do (and I'm sure you'll correct me) is have more plants
and less fish.

How many of these would you put in a 100 Liter (27 gallon) tank -
Threadfins, Penny Fish, Spotted Blue-eyes, Delicate Blue-eyes, Poreless
Gudgeons. (can anyone think of any other bottom feeders from a similar
areathat would go in with these guys or would the Gudgeons do the job of a

How many of these would you put in a 180 Litre (40 Gallon) tank -
smelt, hardyheads, pacific blue-eyes, sunfish, Duboulayi, olive
perchlet,empire gudgeons, firetail gudgeons.

Also are there plants that would do a better job than others


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> G'day Dennis
> The old golden rule I was taught when I first started keeping fish as a 10
> year old when even airstones were uncommon here in Australia was formulated
> for the keeping of goldfish.
> It said that you could generally keep one inch of fish per gallon of water.
> Obviously there are a lot of other variables and factors to consider and you
> will still need to practice good fish-keeping techniques such as water
> changes and maintenance of water quality.
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>> Hi,
>> I've got a tank that holds 180 litres.
>> How many fish can I put in without filtration or air stones?