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When Derek Onishi was out here we gave him a big feed of Moi - much to his
delight. It is often sold as "barramundi fillets" but in my opinion tastes
better. I seem to remember that it was the fish that the Hawaiian kings
preferred and fishermen in Hawaii have a waiting list of clients willing to
pay top dollar for any that they catch.

When I was over in Hawaii a few years back I saw some in the wild eating
baitfish off the rocks at that bay where you can hand feed the fish over
Diamond Head way.


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>Polynemus paradiseus (threadfin) is being raised commercially here in
>Hawaii (or a close relation). The Hawaiian name is Moi. It is an important
>food fish. The native fisheries have become depleated. I think they get
>up to 3-5 punds in nature and are primarily marine, but may inhabit
>brackish. Normally we would find them in areas where there would be quite
>a lot of wave action and whitewater near the mouth of rivers. They
>apparently are susceptible to vitamine C deiffiencies.