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Sun, 29 Nov 1998 07:27:46 +1000

They (scats) will live in FW but usually only for a few months before they
start to lose vigour. When shifting them they will usually stress easier
than other fish unless given more salt for a while. They then can be
gradually reduced in salt until FW.

If given hard "rfit valley" FW they do quite well for longer than in FW

Your wholesaler sure has some interesting fish - the last 3 are from
Australia and will all live happily in your FW tanks with Rainbows etc. The
Desert Gobies (C. eremieus) are easily breedable and are very popular here
when available. When in spawning colours Empire gudgeons are one of the most
colourful od our native fishes. Have a look at them on Adrian Tappin's


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>thanks for your input, bruce et al. one poor little scat died overnight.
>other two are ok but going back to the shop today. i should have known,
>although as i said, i've seen monos in pure freshwater and so i thought i
>could try with the scats.
>incidentally, can anyone give me info on the following fish from
>SEasia/oceania, they are available via a wholesaler in the area:
>Hemirhamphodon kuenkenthai (halfbeak)
>Polynemus paradiseus (threadfin)
>Indostomus sp. (paradox fish)
>Schistura sp. (loach)
>Balitora sp.(loach)
>Ichthyocampus sp. (pipefish)
>Chlamidogobius eremius (coward springs)
>Hypseleotris galii (firetail goby)
>Hypseleotris compressa (empire gudgeon)
>what kind of water do these require? food etc. thanks.
>tsuh yang chen, nyc