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Thanks Harro


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Well, Bruce,

one of the leading experts in fish nutrition published a book - in German -
in 1997 at the Verlag Eugen Ulmer (where also the DATZ is published, the
wellknown German aquarium magazine). Heinz Bremer has been Professor for
nutrition in Rostock in the former GDR and has now his own research
where he works for leading German brands. The title of the book is
"Aquarienfische gesund ernaehren", which may be translated as "Feeding
fishes in a healthy way". On p. 123 he writes: Grindal (Enchytraeus
For all, who want to know the scientific name of the larger one we call
enchytraea, it's Enchytraeus albidus.

I could find more books. Additionally, Buchholz is a rather common name in
Western Europe while Buccholz is no name at all for any Western European. As
as I remember Buchholz was Danish, but may also have been German.

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