Re: [RML] Set up

Adrian Tappin (atappin at
Sun, 15 Nov 1998 05:48:45 +1000

At 06:20 13/11/98 -0500, Denise wrote:

>I'm a hobbyist with multiple tanks, and one of my future projects is to
>make all of the tanks a recirc system utilizing a fluidized bed. The
>maintenance would be greatly simplified, and I think I could built it
>inexpensively. The pump to push the water would be the most expensive item,
>and that wouldn't be very expensive.

I don't know too much about fluidised bed systems although I know that they
are being using in some high intensive aquacultural facilities. I have given
much thought in establishing an automatic water change and refilling set-up,
mainly to reduce the time it takes to do all the water changes in my tanks.


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