Re: [RML] info on P. cyanodorsalis and R. ornatus

Mach T. Fukada (fukada at
Fri, 13 Nov 1998 23:54:50 -1000

I have been having more luck with them in mostly freshwater. I have been
maintaining my breeders in 50% seawater, but a batch of fry were adapted to
fresh. These fry were doing really well with a UG filter + sponge all with
a crushed coral substrate. I think there was still some residual salt
(i.e. 1 tsp per gallon like for raising Nothobranchius) as the artemia i
was feeding to the fish would remain alive longer. They spawned allby them
selves. I now have the fry in this tank going again. I hve been
collecting eggs from the parents tank (50% seawater) and if they are eyed
up hatching them in this allmost freshwater solutuon. they seem to be
doing well if not better. I think it is due to my being able to maintain
water quality better in a freshwater system than a saltwater one.
The P. cyanodorsalis might have originated with me. Sold a bunch
to a wholesler that was shipping out to NYC area.


>dear rainbow people :-)
>i have the opportunity to buy these 2 fish but first wanted to know if: P.
>cyanodorsalis can be kept in fresh water; and whether Rhadinocentrus are
>really too delicate and cannot be kept with other nonpredatory but larger fish
>(such as other rainbows).
>tsuh yang chen, nyc

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