Re: [RML] Designer Fish

Gary Lange (gwlange at
Fri, 13 Nov 1998 21:45:50 -0600

Yes oxygen levels would be higher but the temperature would be incorrect for
those bacteria in the filter for optimal activity. Human pathogens are
cultured at their optimal temperatures of 37 degrees C so that they will
quickly (read normal speed) grow and be properly identified. If you grew them
at 25 degrees it takes many days longer and sometimes they don't grow/divide at
all. If the optimal temperature for activity for a bacterial filter is say 25
degrees then a big shift downward in temperature is going to slow down your
activity, reproduction and all of those nice housekeeping chores they perform
during metabolism.

> From: Bruce Hansen <bhansen at>
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> Subject: Re: [RML] Designer Fish
> Date: Friday, November 13, 1998 4:05 PM
> I wonder if that is so Doug - I thought that the big factor in UGF's is
> aerobic activity and that oxygen dissolves better at cooler temperatures. To
> my mind that would translate into better biological activity when cooler
> than warmer. I guess there is an optimum temperature range for this process
> but would have to ask more learned heads for the figures :)