Re: [RML] Macs (SPAM)

Matthew Stanton (matthews at
Fri, 7 Nov 1997 11:14:12 +0000

On 6 Nov 97 Red hypothesised:

> I was wondering if any of you people are like minded and run mac's
> why do I only ever see talk about PC's. Just a thought.

I do Red. I use two Powerbooks, a 5300 and a 520 with a
167 mHz board in it. Unfortunately I am also running a 486'osaurus
and occasionally a Pentium MMX 200. The only good features of the
wintel machines are the ones that they copied from the Mac OS.

And for Roy's benefit I might point out that Beta was a superior
product in many respects just as the Mac is still a superior product
to the wintel virus that the worlds richest man is flogging.
What's more the next big developments in computing will not be
developed by the worlds richest man or people with a vested interest
in maintaining monopolies masquerading as "standards".

I know there are other RMLers out there who use Macs too.

> Also has anyone any information on what the drought in PNG is doing to
> the rainbow fish population. I am sure I saw a little boy on TV catching
> one. I assume to eat.

PNG locals have been eating Rainbows for years. In some of the
highland lakes they are the biggest fish present, kind of like the
Lake Eacham Rainbow was in Lake Eacham.
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