[RML] peacock breeding

Jim Priest (cat at lascruces.com)
Wed, 05 Nov 1997 10:01:18 -0700


I picked up some really nice peacock gudgeons at the convention and am
so taken with this little fish that I thought I would finally try my
hand at breeding.

I have 5 of them (either 3F / 2M or vice versa). They are in a 30
gallon (110L) planted tank with about 15 little Giddy River gertrudae.
They are very active and healthy. pH 7.5, 150 ppm TH, 24 degrees C.

I seem to have read on the list that they like to lay their eggs in PVC
so I added a piece about 5 days ago. 4" long and 1.5" ID. Well, I've
never seen them go into this piece which I have hidden among a patch of
cryptocorne wendtii. I have several questions.

1) Once these little buggers lay those eggs can I just pull the PVC to
a 10 gallon (40L) tank set up as a hatching tank, and if so, what
parameters should I attain there and what should I expect?

2) What should I feed these little shits? One of the reasons I have
not tried my hand at this before is a lack of live food access. I
would like to get my hands on a starter culture of perhaps some
microworms and/or vinegar eels or what ever foods might be deemed

Any hot tips will be much appreciated. Damn, those are nice little
fish. Thanks to Cary and Rhonda.