[RML] Disaster... leaking tank

Jeff LeCates (JeffLeCates at classic.msn.com)
Wed, 5 Nov 97 15:41:23 UT

Yesterday I recieved a call from my greatly distressed wife who was bailing
water out of our den. My 2 year old 75 gal., Mississippi tank has blown a seal
which fortunatly was about 3/4 of the way up the seam. 20 plus gallons on the
floor but no fishtalities. My questions are ... what success am I likely to
have with repairing the tank? Is it worth trying to repair?(wife will be
distinctly unhappy if this happens again real soon). What would be the
recomenended method(s) of repair?. My collection of Rainbow's and Pleco's are
currently on display at their temporary home at Dallas North Aquarium. I am as
anxious to get them home as I am sure the fine people at Dallas North are to
have them leave. Any help or advice on this dilemma would be most sincerly

Jeff LeCates