Re: [RML] Archer River Trifasciatas

Jim Priest (cat at
Sat, 01 Nov 1997 22:02:13 -0700

Funny you mention the tank size, Bruce. Actually, I have 8 fluvies in
that 110L tank and have thought since I put them in there that I had too
many. Thankfully, they're not huge yet. There is an obvious dominant
male in a mix of 3M / 5F. I do have SAEs, corys, and otos in there with
them but don't know whether they constitute as dither fish or not.

One thing for sure though, they are acting like this whether the light
is on or not; and, besides, they are getting approx. the same lighting
as they were in the larger tank.

I do have the tendency to put too many fish in my tanks. What the hell
though, this becomes a good excuse to set up a new tank.