Re: [RML] Archer River Trifasciatas

Jim Priest (cat at
Sat, 01 Nov 1997 07:54:53 -0700

Good Morning...

I have a nice little school of Lake Broadwater fluvitilis that do the
same thing. The tank is 30 gallons (approx 110 L) and is moderately
planted. They have been in this tank all to themselves now for about a
month and a half. Previously, they shared a 75 gallon (280L) with some
Pappin Cr. tris and Dalanies Cr. dubolayi. The swam freely with these
other fish.

I know these fish are stressed, but don't know why. They just hang low
in the weeds and only swim about when it is time to eat, and then only
long enough to grab a morsel and retreat to their hiding places.

I have my lights on 12 hours a day. I was planning on buying them a
peice of driftwood for added security...but who knows.