Re: [RML] Australian hygro?

Dave & Robyn Wilson (rwilson at
Fri, 24 Nov 2000 07:43:19 +0930


The Hygrophila species that grows in and around the wetlands in the
Northern Territory is Hygrophila angustifolia.
The same species has different forms when you get it from different creeks
and rivers. An example is the one in the Howard River has long thin
red/brown leaves and the one from the Mary River floodplain has broader
green leaves.

Dave Wilson

>A long time ago, like a couple years, I asked about this plant and I
>think it was Bruce who knew what it was. Well I thought I'd saved the
>message and now I took a photo of some and want to put it on my web page
>but can't find the name. Anyway does someone know what the real name of
>Australian Hygro is?