Re: [RML] ANGFA Queensland spam

Scott Davis (unclescott at
Sun, 20 May 2001 18:59:58 -0500

> >Still that was an awfully inviting photo from Queensland.
>>(Never mind the
> >crocs, we've got our Friday night drivers.)
> I've been led to believe that Swamp Dogs in Queensland don't bother
> tourists - only in the Northern Territory :-)
> Adrian.

Has anyone asked the swamp dogs? Maybe they're better fed than the ones in
the Northern Territory.

Since American 'gators became protected their numbers have expanded
dramatically and with the continual "development" of their habitats
collisions are inevitable. Even near some park ponds, children, and
especially small yappy dogs can be at risk. Golfers have noted that the term
water hazard has an additional meaning. A killie and NANFA friend recently
reported dipnetting at a small lake in a crowded Florida park while his
family was elsewhere on the premises. As he took his leave of the shallows
he looked back to see a 10' bull alligator checking to see who would have
the temerity to splash around in his territory.

Coyotes are back in this area after a century hiatus. They have accounted
for the disappearance of a number of, usually unattended, family pets. I
hear them singing across the field over by the railroad tracks while walking
our 20 pound canine early in the A.M. I've never felt threatened, but have
pondered in the predawn, in the dead of winter (when hunting has got to be
poor), what flat roof I would toss him on when the endearing idiot spotted
them and inevitably said something about their mothers.

All the best,