AW: [RML] Madagascar Rainbows?

Harro Hieronimus (Harro.Hieronimus at
Wed, 16 May 2001 20:19:30 +0200

This is a question! Most say no. However, it depends how generous your
interpretation of rainbowfish may be. Let's say: no, they are Bedotiidae.
That's my opinion. However, there shall have been crosses between Bedotia
and Melanotaenia!


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Are these really rainbows though?

-- Stephen

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> It is Bedotia geayi, however, according to some people who
> should know it is
> not clear it it is really geayi or another Bedotia species. Let's say
> Bedotia cf. geayi. Very similar to keep and breed like
> Melanotaenia species.
> Harro