Re: [RML] Ouch, I fed my fry too much!

Mach Fukada (fukada at
Thu, 10 May 2001 19:29:49 -1000

I do that to P furcatus fry and imagine balloon mollys.
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> I always try to feed my fry plentifully. I think I went a little
> I have about 50 three week old boesemani fry that I have been feeding
> baby brine for about 2 weeks. Today a had a little extra left over in the
> batch of brine so I just put it in. Well, about 3 hours later I've got
> about 7 fry that appear in their death throes. Their bellies are far
> than normal and they are swimming erradically.
> Has anyone else fed their fry too much or have any comments about
> overfeeding fry?
> Bill