Re: [RML] Fw: Male or Female Kubutu Rainbowfishes(Melanotaenia lacustris)?

Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 08:54:20 +1000

While I was editing my mail I recalled a conversation recently with Neil
Armstrong on female "flashers" in Rainbowfish and he says C. fasciata is
the species that he has seen it the most in with C . bleheri second and M.
lacustris 3rd


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> From: Adrian R. Tappin <atappin at>
> To: rainbowfish at
> Subject: Re: [RML] Fw: Male or Female Kubutu Rainbowfishes(Melanotaenia
> Date: Sunday, 15 March 1998 9:21
> At 22:44 13/03/98 -0700, Julie wrote:
> >I haven't any experience w/ this phenomenon in M. lacustrus, but I have
> >observed both G. incisus females and G. ramuensis to do this. The G.
> >females were also ones I had spawned, and as a matter of fact, I usually
> >only observed flashing behaviour in these females (both spp) while they
> >were responding favorably to male courtship and/or in the act of
> >itself. I observed this on several occaisions/more than one individual
> >both spp. As I have fry from the ramu females in question, I do not
> >it is a matter of any hormone imbalance/sterility, but rather a normal
> >phenomenon. It is VERY subtle, thus hard to miss if you don't know to
> >for it. :) I only saw it the first time by chance.