Re: Bitey Scaleys (was Re: [RML] Crossbreed "Trashcan")

Bjorn Straube (straube at
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 22:23:07 -0500

Hi Andrew,
Define venomous... I used to be into herps a while ago and learned that
most of the "harmless" snakes have all of the same hardware, i.e. grooved
teeth, glands etc. The real difference is that the toxin they produce is
about as irritating as a mosquito bite (unless you are unfortunate enough to
be allergic/reactive). So to answer your question, I don't know, a few years
ago I would have agreed immediately but, now I'm not so sure. Perhaps someone
else may have a better idea.

Andrew Boyd wrote:

> At 08:57 17/03/98 GMT, Klaus wrote:
> > BTW, garter snakes are venomous, just slightly so. No if only
> >the same could be said of the snakes of Australia.
> Someone correct me if I am wrong, but isn't Australia the only
> temperate-to-tropical continent on earth where the venemous snake species
> outnumber the non-venemous? I know that the venemous ones are fairly well
> represented around here ;)
> Regards, Andrew
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