RE: [RML] Raising M. parkinsoni fry and greenwater

Stephen Boulet-CSB046 (Stephen_Boulet-CSB046 at
Mon, 9 Mar 1998 11:16:08 -0600

Thanks to everyone for all of the great responses to my post. I am now more
excited than ever about trying this strategy, and then supplementing with
apr/liquifry too.

I also had this idea: after about a week (and a half) or so, putting one of
the small daphnia species in the fry tank to start on the green water. My
hope is that the baby daphnia would be small enough for the fry at this
point, and that the adult daphnia would be at peak production.

I had in mind _Daphnia moina_, a Japanese strain that is smaller than pulex.
(I'm trying to get a hold of some now; anyone near Chicago have any? My
previous supply came from Earle Fischer in Florida.) I believe that the baby
moina are at least as small as baby brine shrimp. I know I would feel less
worried about using a product like like Liquefry if some daphnia were in the
tank too.

> As for many gallons (barrels?) of the stuff would you
>like me to bring to the Chicago Killies meeting this Friday?
> All the best!
> Scott

Thanks Scott. I have about 4 gallons of the stuff brewing right now. Do you
have a grindal starter? :)

-- Stephen