Re: [RML] Raising M. parkinsoni fry and greenwater

UncleScott (UncleScott at
Sun, 08 Mar 1998 16:51:04 -0600

StephenBou wrote:
> Hello all. I have had no trouble hatching parkinsoni fry, but raising them to
> the brine shrimp stage has so far been problematic.

Hey Stephen!

Easing them into a 20 gallon tank of greenwater allows for a certain
amount of neglect. Keep the water moving through a corner filter with
thumbnail sized stones - the water movement keeps the greenwater from
settling out as it sometimes does. A half dozen different rainbows here
have survived the benign neglect and gone on to better foods. However
greenwater is a pretty thin soup for fry after a while.

Those better equipped to answer from this list are probably going to
suggest APR and a lot of other good things. A GWAS member (an angelfish
person actually) also uses Tetra E (aka Tetra Egglayer food) with good
results on her Mel. bosemani. It is available (!) in many of the local
shops in a yellow filmcanister sized container.

Aquarian marketed something similar which I haven't seen around lately.
If Golden State Aquatics is still in business, they also had a
corresponding fry food. Put some pond snails in while feeding the
powdered foods.

In another two months a bucket full of grass and dandelion pullings and
aquarium water will draw lots of mosquitoes. Just skim off the eggs
rafts. They can be kept dry in a plastic container until needed. Just
(but judiciously) drop them into the greenwater/fry soup as needed. They
will hatch out and be greeted accordingly.

As for many gallons (barrels?) of the stuff would you
like me to bring to the Chicago Killies meeting this Friday?

All the best!