RE: [RML] more Tuberculosis?

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Mon, 28 Mar 2005 10:58:23 -0800

OK Kevin. Deep breaths. ;-)

The ram has stringy feces, but so far just it? Any others have this too?
Sringy feces can be a sign of any number of internal (intestinal) parasites,
so it may well not be TB.

Is the ram new? Was it purchased from a reputable dealer or a PetCoSmart
type place? Did you quarantine it before placing it in your community tank?
If not, that would be a good thing to start doing with all new fish. Makes
dealing with meds a LOT easier and cheaper too.

Jungle now makes a food with anti-parasite meds in it including
Metronidazole and Praziqontel (or however you spell the thing). It also has
one more, begins with an "Lev"-something... don't remember off the top of my
head. If the fish will eat this it would be a great way to treat them. They
may not eat it tho. I have been trying to get it into some M. praecox I have
but they won't touch it. If you can find the HBH anti-parasite food (if they
even still make it???) this might be better, as I had found it well received
by the animals when I last was able to use some (awhile ago, sad to
say).Otherwise you would need to use these meds in the water. That can be

Third option is to make your own foods using these meds. I have never done
this, so maybe someone else can step up with this info?

With cichlids, in the past I have had good luck dealing with internal
parasites by using a combo of Kanamycin and Metronidazole in the tank. This
is "big guns" tho and not cheap. If at all possible you would not want to do
this in a planted community type tank. When I have used this it has been in
a wholesale/retail envinronment where the whole tank was basically one type
of fish and there were no live plants or anything. Water changes were done
in conjunction with treatments to keep wastes in check and killing off
bio-bacteria was less of an issue than in a home tank. This treatment was a
full 10-day run, so it is not a small undertaking. Do not start this lightly
if you are considering it.

I am sure others will weigh in on this too, so don't go rushing into a
treatment until our resident drug and disease gurus have their say. :-)

Whatever method you choose, good luck. And don't panic. :-)

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>Subject: [RML] more Tuberculosis?
>Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 12:21:53 -0600
>OK. It's official. I'm a hypochondriac for my fish. I'm nervous that they
>have TB. I just saw the dreaded "stringy, white feces" trailing out of a
>blue ram (in a tank with a bunch of rainbows.)
>So, someone who has had it before, I want to hear as much as possible about
>YOUR PERSONAL experience...
>What were the symptoms they displayed?
>How long before death occurs from when you saw the first symptom?
>Did you have to tear down the tank and equipment and bleach it all?
>Did you ever transfer it to another established tank?
>How contagious was it? How quickly did the other fish get the disease?
>Were any fish immune to it?
>I have other fish than rainbows -- do all other fish get it?
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> Subject: [RML] Is this Tuberculosis?
> I don't think it is, but I don't want to take any chances. This is a
>gardneri killie in a tank with a bunch of rainbows. I've been having some
>illness problems lately with all inhabitants, and I've been losing
>to this disease.
> They get bloated and turn almost white. They stop eating. Their scales
>protrude. These are the only symptoms. No whitish feces, no sores. Not even
>hanging at the surface. They are anywhere. This one was easy to catch and
>place in a hospital tank. I am treating him for bacteria, because to me it
>seems like Dropsy. (which I've never actually seen before -- just read
> Please look at the attached phots. Before and after pics.
> What do you guys think?
> Thanks!!!
> Kevmo