Re: [RML] new fish from rarefish

Liz Wilhite (liz_wilhite at
Tue, 15 Mar 2005 10:26:31 -0800

>When I saw the red body stripes, I wondered if Tanner's were correct fish
>reality, or just a wierd photo. That photo, to me looked a bit too
>"trifasciata-ish" to be comfortable without a first hand look at the fish
>from an expert. :-)

I think before he got recent photos from Gary none of the photos Tanner had
posted were those of the stock he is selling. I think I have seen those
photos on websites. Look up his P. tenellus ad and you'll see Schmida's
photo that is on Adrian Tappin's website. Nowhere does he indicate that any
photo is of the stock -- one reason I was reluctant to purchase anything.

Speaking of which, Gary -- did you take photos of the tenellus? Do they
resemble the strain that Schmida photographed?