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Julie Zeppieri (bowluvr at
Tue, 15 Mar 2005 08:53:21 -0800

Well, I said that because it seemed to me there was a lot of red striping
though the body which I did not think was supposed to be in a Herbie, and
does not show in the old Allen shots, nor had I ever seen it in the fish I
had before in AZ that were from your stock, nor the ones from Wim's stock.
They were a clean yellow through the body - red color confined to fins and

When I saw the red body stripes, I wondered if Tanner's were correct fish in
reality, or just a wierd photo. That photo, to me looked a bit too
"trifasciata-ish" to be comfortable without a first hand look at the fish
from an expert. :-) That's why when you said you were there I asked. :-)
I've seen a LOT of bad herbies out there, and very few that looked correct.
I'm sure you have, too. I have also dealt with many who are unscrupulous, so
I've become something of a skeptic. ;-) My bad I know, but true. I trust
your eyes tho, so now I think I might try them if I get a chance to.

Thanks for the info, Gary. :-) A firsthand look at a fish is always
better than a photo posted online. Having you look is the next best thing. I
would be curious to see what the shots you got of these fish look like.

Julie <><

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>Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 08:21:08 -0800 (PST)
>That's a pic of one of his breeders. The others in the tank looked like
>they were from the same stock. A good deal of Kent's fish came from RSG
>stock, my fishroom or stuff that he collected when he was in either Irian
>Jaya or Papua NG. That pic pretty much matches the inside photo of Allen &
>Cross of the herbie (a Schmida pic). The Canon Rebel shoots things just a
>tad hot but the colors shown are pretty close. No other jacking up of the
>colors, just a black/white/exposure balance in photoshop elements and then
>a crop to bring it down to websize. Tanner gets all of his fish from Kent.
> He supposedly just comes in and fills those retail orders. Order amounts
>in the $200- 300 range and you'll be dealing with Kent and then getting an
>air cargo delivery instead of a Fed-Ex delivery.
>Gary Lange
>Julie Zeppieri <bowluvr at> wrote:
>Hey Gary,
>So then his Herbies are correct in your opinion? I took a peek at a number
>of his auctions and the pics for those looked like a Farm Herbie... in
>words all messed up and probably crossed with trifasciata. maybe the photo
>was just bad? Or mixed up with a difft fish?
>If Kent's Herbies are actually good, is it your opinion that the rainbows
>sold by this Tanner person online are all from Kent? I ask because my
>old-hag now geriatric Herbies never did spawn... and their parents were a
>bugger to get the fry out of that i did. They came from Wim Heemskirk in
>Europe and I do believe they were the real deal. Look just exactly like
>photo of Gerry's male in full color that TFH is so fond of using (and is
>also in Allen's 1st book). The parent male was a dead ringer for this fish
>and so are his sons... except for now being old and worn out. ;-)
>Other than these and yours I have not seen too many Herbies that look
>and so have been hesitant to purchase. If you think the ones up on AquaBid
>are correct, despite the wrong-looking photo, I may have to get some.
>Thanks in advance for your opinions on this. :-)
>Julie <><
>PS: Say "Hey" to Randy Carey, and also Lee Finley, Penny and all those
>east" in my old stomping grounds for me? Thanks!
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> >Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 10:36:57 -0800 (PST)
> >
> >Tanner gets his fish directly from Kent Webster and ships out the small
> >orders from his hatchery. I had the "pleasure" last week of spending
> >10 hours in Kent's hatchery shooting a great many of his rainbowfish that
> >were in color. I think I shot about 300 shots in one day (that I saved
> >the cards). The batteries from the flash were almost too hot to handle
> >when changing them out! Hatchery conditions ~ 80 degrees and ~ 90%
> >humidity, kind of tough to focus thru a camera lens. He'd grab a colored
> >up rainbowfish pop him into the photo tank and then we'd have about 3
> >minutes to shoot him before he lost his colors. I really didn't think
> >was going to work so well but I was amazed that many held their colors
> >enough to get some good shots. You might take a moment and go to Aquabid
> >and look up some of RarefishatLAX's auctions as many of the new pictures
> >are already up. I think we especially got some nice shots of the Zigzag,
> >the millennium, Fasciata "orange", Running
> > Creek Tri, Wonga Creek Tri, Rubrostriatas and the fantastic Goo-Obo
> >gudgeon (under others). Lacustris, herbertaxelrod are nice too. He
> >have a new pic up soon on the dubs as that isn't the location that he has
> >available. Those of you that will be at the North East Council workshop
> >Hartford CT this weekend will be able to see many of these shots as they
> >were good enough to replace my other stuff. It's their 30th anniversary
> >and one of the best speaker lineups ever. As usual I'll have egg kits
> >available only at the end of the talk. Proceeds donated to the NEC.
> >
> >cheers,
> >
> >gary lange
> >
> >Liz Wilhite <liz_wilhite at> wrote:
> >Today I received an order from RarefishatLAX at who was mentioned
> >earlier as a source. I purchased 6 boesemani, 6 duboulayi and 12 shrimp
> >which came to $115 including shipping. I received 9 of each species and
> >several extra shrimp, all fish in the 1 - 1.5 inch range (one Boesemani
> >closer to 1.75"). Well packed, active within an hour of going into an
> >isolation tank.
> >
> >There's more orange-red in these juvenilel Boesemanis than in the full
> >grown
> >males at the LFS, and I'm very happy with them. The Duboulayis are
> >just over an inch with the largest at close to 1.25", and as of yet there
> >is
> >very little color. However, in the larger fish there is a distinct, very
> >thing red strip one the tail and an intense magenta dot over the gill
> >covers
> >with subtle banding of colors that are not discernable. I've got my
> >fingers
> >crossed on these -- they could be very beautiful or a bit plain but
> >ared looking good.
> >
> >I could have bought somewhat bigger boesemanis at the LFS for $20 each,
> >even from the price standpoint this was a good deal. And the color --
> >
> >Liz
> >
> >
> >
> >
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