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Julie Zeppieri (bowluvr at
Mon, 14 Mar 2005 17:15:50 -0800

Hey Gary,

So then his Herbies are correct in your opinion? I took a peek at a number
of his auctions and the pics for those looked like a Farm Herbie... in other
words all messed up and probably crossed with trifasciata. maybe the photo
was just bad? Or mixed up with a difft fish?

If Kent's Herbies are actually good, is it your opinion that the rainbows
sold by this Tanner person online are all from Kent? I ask because my
old-hag now geriatric Herbies never did spawn... and their parents were a
bugger to get the fry out of that i did. They came from Wim Heemskirk in
Europe and I do believe they were the real deal. Look just exactly like that
photo of Gerry's male in full color that TFH is so fond of using (and is
also in Allen's 1st book). The parent male was a dead ringer for this fish
and so are his sons... except for now being old and worn out. ;-)

Other than these and yours I have not seen too many Herbies that look right,
and so have been hesitant to purchase. If you think the ones up on AquaBid
are correct, despite the wrong-looking photo, I may have to get some.

Thanks in advance for your opinions on this. :-)
Julie <><

PS: Say "Hey" to Randy Carey, and also Lee Finley, Penny and all those "back
east" in my old stomping grounds for me? Thanks!

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>Subject: Re: [RML] new fish from rarefish
>Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 10:36:57 -0800 (PST)
>Tanner gets his fish directly from Kent Webster and ships out the small
>orders from his hatchery. I had the "pleasure" last week of spending about
>10 hours in Kent's hatchery shooting a great many of his rainbowfish that
>were in color. I think I shot about 300 shots in one day (that I saved on
>the cards). The batteries from the flash were almost too hot to handle
>when changing them out! Hatchery conditions ~ 80 degrees and ~ 90%
>humidity, kind of tough to focus thru a camera lens. He'd grab a colored
>up rainbowfish pop him into the photo tank and then we'd have about 3
>minutes to shoot him before he lost his colors. I really didn't think this
>was going to work so well but I was amazed that many held their colors long
>enough to get some good shots. You might take a moment and go to Aquabid
>and look up some of RarefishatLAX's auctions as many of the new pictures
>are already up. I think we especially got some nice shots of the Zigzag,
>the millennium, Fasciata "orange", Running
> Creek Tri, Wonga Creek Tri, Rubrostriatas and the fantastic Goo-Obo
>gudgeon (under others). Lacustris, herbertaxelrod are nice too. He should
>have a new pic up soon on the dubs as that isn't the location that he has
>available. Those of you that will be at the North East Council workshop in
>Hartford CT this weekend will be able to see many of these shots as they
>were good enough to replace my other stuff. It's their 30th anniversary
>and one of the best speaker lineups ever. As usual I'll have egg kits
>available only at the end of the talk. Proceeds donated to the NEC.
>gary lange
>Liz Wilhite <liz_wilhite at> wrote:
>Today I received an order from RarefishatLAX at who was mentioned
>earlier as a source. I purchased 6 boesemani, 6 duboulayi and 12 shrimp
>which came to $115 including shipping. I received 9 of each species and
>several extra shrimp, all fish in the 1 - 1.5 inch range (one Boesemani is
>closer to 1.75"). Well packed, active within an hour of going into an
>isolation tank.
>There's more orange-red in these juvenilel Boesemanis than in the full
>males at the LFS, and I'm very happy with them. The Duboulayis are running
>just over an inch with the largest at close to 1.25", and as of yet there
>very little color. However, in the larger fish there is a distinct, very
>thing red strip one the tail and an intense magenta dot over the gill
>with subtle banding of colors that are not discernable. I've got my
>crossed on these -- they could be very beautiful or a bit plain but things
>ared looking good.
>I could have bought somewhat bigger boesemanis at the LFS for $20 each, so
>even from the price standpoint this was a good deal. And the color -- wow!