Re: the weather, was Re: [RML] hallllooo

Dave & Robyn Wilson (rwilson at
Sat, 3 Mar 2001 06:55:05 +0930

In Darwin it is always warm enough to run around in the all together,
the locals have done it for 60,000 years, even when it is raining.
We are having another big wet season with three cyclones going past
this wet. All the major roads are cut by floodwater and alot of the
people from outlying small communities have been flown into the major

It will be a good year for rainbowfish.

Dave Wilson

>Thats nothing. Here on the mountain it is 60-70 F and it is inthe 80's F
>range down the hill a bit. It is allmost comfortable enought to run
>around in the all together.