Re: the weather, was Re: [RML] hallllooo

Gupp (gupp at
Fri, 09 Mar 2001 14:23:10 -0700

I totally can't spell today even worse than usual. That should have been
who's not whose and they not the.



Gupp wrote: > > Yes and while you were laughing... > > I've been waiting to get a new roof and some remodling done on the house > so there is space for our new baby, whose almost 7 months old now. > Originally my husband was supposed to get someone to do it before the > baby was born. So finally we are getting it done. On Tuesday the > stripped off a bunch of the old roof tiles on the 2 back rooms, which > were later additions to the house, one of which is my fish room. On > Wednesday it rained. I spent all day trying to keep yucky water, that > was going through my ceiling, out of my fish tanks and electrical > outlets. I was somewhat nervous when I was trying to unplug an extension > cord that had water running into the plug, while I was standing barefoot > in a puddle of water. > > Rhonda