AW: [RML] Eating Habits

Harro Hieronimus (Harro.Hieronimus at
Sat, 24 Mar 2001 12:40:30 +0100

It is always best to feed the frozen food when it is still frozen. These are
the advantages:

1. It's most fresh. In the moment it is unfrozen it starts to decay. So the
best nutrition value is if they take it up as soon as possible after
feeding. Just through it into the water.
2. This way it swims at the water surface as long as possible.

And don't believe fish could die because of a too cold stomach - if they
have one. No, that can't happen!


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I try to feed my frozen foods slowly so that it gets gobbled up before
sinking. However, I will usually see my rainbows scavenging the bottom after
feeding time to find any last tidbits.

> Does anyone have any good methods for feeding frozen foods (i.e.
> etc.), that keep them up in the Rainbow's feeding area for as long as
> possible?

I keep otocinclus, cloan loaches, ancistrus, flying fox, and chinese algae
eaters to help keep things tidy. I also recently got some skunk botias but
I'm going to have to get rid of them, they are constantly nipping the tails
of my bows.

> What other fish do people keep with their Rainbows, to eat the food that
> falls to the bottom?