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> Does anyone have any good methods for feeding frozen foods (i.e.
> etc.), that keep them up in the Rainbow's feeding area for as long as
> possible?

I usually just dump a chunk in frozen. Why? Because A) I'm lazy ;-)
B) it floats for a bit, and C) I've never had a problem yet doing it that

Actually, my bows will go to the bottoms of their tanks to pick around for
that was missed. I have never found the "true" rainbowfish (Melanotaenia and
the like)
to be all that fussy. I have never kept a lot of Blue-eyes and this is the
1st time I have had Rhadinocentrus, so I couldn't tell you how different
they are, if at all.

> Always, from a question comes another.
> What other fish do people keep with their Rainbows, to eat the food that
> falls to the bottom?

Answer: whatever can tolerate their water conditions (and vice versa) and
whatever doesn't want to kill them (that they can't easily outmaneuver). ;-)
I have kept Cory
cats, guppies, West African cichlids, East African cichlids ("Rift"),
angelfish, and a whole slew of other stuff with em. The wierdest combo was
discus (who will pick at the bottom for food all day long), but the water
was slightly hard and the temp was kept at 82F... the happiest medium I
could come to. I really don't recommend it normally. Bows are pretty
versatile as to which spp they'll cohabitate with I have found. :-)

> Keep up the good work.

Was that helpful?

> From a cold and wet UK

Is that pronounced "yu-k"?? ;-) [Our rain is due to return... just in
time for the weekend. These past few days (that I have been stuck inside a
windowless office all day long) have been I've heard.
:-( ]

Julie <><

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> The only species I have seen consistently feed from the bottom is
> Chilatherina bleheri and this is only their second choice. I have no
> experience with the other Chilatherina. Maybe they will all take food from
> the substrate.
> Later
> Matthew
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> > I have just recently become aquainted with Rainbows and have been
> > here for awhile trying to become more familar with my fish. I have a
> > question re eating habits. I understand Rainbows are predominantly mid
> > upper tank fish. When I feed, they eat only that which is suspended - I
> > have never seen them eat off the bottom. Is that their nature? Also,
> > someone asked about Santa Fe Tropicals - I sent them an email asking
> > species availability and never got an answer. Has anyone else dealt
> > them?
> >
> > Bob Welch