Re: [RML] Eating Habits

Stephen Boulet (stepheb at
Thu, 22 Mar 2001 10:30:41 -0600

Paul Carter wrote:

> A question from another lurker, who sits and learns.
> Does anyone have any good methods for feeding frozen foods (i.e. bloodworms
> etc.), that keep them up in the Rainbow's feeding area for as long as
> possible?
> Always, from a question come

I'm a big fan of the Hikari frozen bloodworms (careful if you have allergies).
I put it in a bowl with a bit of amquel and some water and swish it around.
Then I use a turkey baster (do these things even exist in Australia? if not,
maybe we here in the states could trades cases of turkey basters for mops of
eggs ;) and feed them squirt by squirt.

You can also put them in a worm feeder (a conical thing with holes with a
suction cup to stick to the side of your aquarium). It's good if you don't want
to stand there and hand feed the fish.

-- Stephen