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Paul Carter (Paul.Carter at
Thu, 22 Mar 2001 15:54:20 -0000

A question from another lurker, who sits and learns.

Does anyone have any good methods for feeding frozen foods (i.e. bloodworms
etc.), that keep them up in the Rainbow's feeding area for as long as

Always, from a question comes another.

What other fish do people keep with their Rainbows, to eat the food that
falls to the bottom?

Keep up the good work.
>From a cold and wet UK

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The only species I have seen consistently feed from the bottom is
Chilatherina bleheri and this is only their second choice. I have no
experience with the other Chilatherina. Maybe they will all take food from
the substrate.


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> I have just recently become aquainted with Rainbows and have been lurking
> here for awhile trying to become more familar with my fish. I have a
> question re eating habits. I understand Rainbows are predominantly mid to
> upper tank fish. When I feed, they eat only that which is suspended - I
> have never seen them eat off the bottom. Is that their nature? Also,
> someone asked about Santa Fe Tropicals - I sent them an email asking about
> species availability and never got an answer. Has anyone else dealt with
> them?
> Bob Welch