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Kevin Hosmer used to be from the Ohio area but I don't consider him husky.
And the other people in that area well, that wouldn't fit them either. When
I go to these club meetings I'm usually bringing 10-15 egg hatching packages
as well as 2-5 different bags of juveniles so I could have "infected" a good
hobbyist that kept them around. It's kind of neat to go back 4-5 years
later and then still see fish from eggs that you brought down or their
offspring still swimming around in somebody's tank. I'll be infecting :-)
the Milwaukee area sometime this year, haven't decided on a date yet. And
I'll be "seeding" the Atlanta area during the April 27-29th weekend. Lot of
good speakers at their workshop

Gary Lange
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>You seem to have been responsible for spreading some of the very best
>herbies around. I purchased mine a bunch of years ago (8-10, the memory
>is going) at a Michiana Tropical Magic/ FAAS convention/show. There was a
>guy there from Ohio, a fairly tall, husky chap, who brought them. His fish
>were winning left and right and he won some sort of grand championship.
>was back when FAAS had such things.
>You are probably better acquainted with the hobby at large than I. Would
>have any idea who he was or if his herbies were originally from you? Had
>been doing a "Johnny Appleseed" with herbies in Ohio? I have felt the hobby
>strain purchased there were nicer than what is in the shops, but don't know
>it's pedigree.