Re: [RML] Fish ID Please

Scott Davis (unclescott at
Wed, 21 Mar 2001 21:40:25 -0600

Hi John!

That's a nice picture. What did you take it with? What else was in the tank?

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What'a ya think? :)

They are available (sort of) through US commercial channels. For a number of
years I had a nicer hobby strain. Prolific, not very tolerant of fry. Really
lazy people (C'est Moi!) can look in a tank early in the morning, take a
pickle jar and spirit away the newborn fry hanging on the surface tension on
the upper tank sides. Later in the day and they were gone.

Inornata means something along the line of ordinary, unremarkable,
uninteresting, not ornate. I wonder what the describer would have considered

All the best!


> Could someone please ID this fish for me? I saw it at the Newport
Aquarium in Cincinnati
> a couple of weeks ago. It was/is a great looking fish -- about 6 or 7
inches long in a
> BIG tank full of rainbows.
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