RE: [RML] Eating Habits

Matthew Stanton (matthews at
Thu, 22 Mar 2001 09:54:18 +1100

The only species I have seen consistently feed from the bottom is
Chilatherina bleheri and this is only their second choice. I have no
experience with the other Chilatherina. Maybe they will all take food from
the substrate.


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> Subject: [RML] Eating Habits
> I have just recently become aquainted with Rainbows and have been lurking
> here for awhile trying to become more familar with my fish. I have a
> question re eating habits. I understand Rainbows are predominantly mid to
> upper tank fish. When I feed, they eat only that which is suspended - I
> have never seen them eat off the bottom. Is that their nature? Also,
> someone asked about Santa Fe Tropicals - I sent them an email asking about
> species availability and never got an answer. Has anyone else dealt with
> them?
> Bob Welch