Re: [RML] Herbies &

Scott Davis (unclescott at
Tue, 20 Mar 2001 23:38:40 -0600


You seem to have been responsible for spreading some of the very best
herbies around. I purchased mine a bunch of years ago (8-10, the memory chip
is going) at a Michiana Tropical Magic/ FAAS convention/show. There was a
guy there from Ohio, a fairly tall, husky chap, who brought them. His fish
were winning left and right and he won some sort of grand championship. This
was back when FAAS had such things.

You are probably better acquainted with the hobby at large than I. Would you
have any idea who he was or if his herbies were originally from you? Had you
been doing a "Johnny Appleseed" with herbies in Ohio? I have felt the hobby
strain purchased there were nicer than what is in the shops, but don't know
it's pedigree.