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Herbies are also "chunky" compared to pappan, that is thicker from left to
right. I think Bruce you once described it as "muscular". I agree that the
Pappans get "taller", ie "deep/oval" like many of the tris. I had a great
male that I was going to shoot but he jumped out through a very small hole.
Now I'll have to wait for his sons to grow up for that pic.

Gary Lange
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>"Herbies" are more likely to look a bit yellowish and to have a reddish
>(although they may not) when you see them as juveniles. If you had a tank
>adults of each species side by side the things that would tend to impress
>you would be -
>Herbies have proportionally smaller fins, the bodies not as deep and oval,
>the snouts not as pointed.
>Herbies tend to have more red in tails, and the band of colour in the fins
>closest to the body seems to have more pigment.
>I'm sorry if this sounds a bit vague but it is often difficult to look at a
>couple of uncoloured juvenile stressed fish in a dealers tanks and
>confidently be sure of their ID even if they haven't been crossed and even
>if they have been well fed and looked after :-(
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>> I've noticed through looking at photos that herbies and pappan creek tris
>> to have similar colors.
>> Would one of you more experienced types (read: grizzled aussies) care to
>> compare and contrast these two species? Thanks.
>> -- Stephen, who's starting to get eggs from his pappan creek tris