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Tue, 20 Mar 2001 23:04:27 -0800

OK, Mach et al...

This is what is breeding for me at present (I have no juvvies for sale or
trade, as I have only been rearing small amounts for new colonies. Sorry.):

Mel. trifasciata, Upper Coen River (original fish from Steve Polk),
Mel. Tri, Goyder River (from Delores Scherer),
Mel. herbertaxelrodi (great grandparents descended from Gary Lange's fish,
via Jim Lawson),
I suppose I could set up Mel. parkinsoni, but tho nice and seemingly "right"
these are
Florida farm fish.
I stopped subjecting the lady boesemani to my gorgeous brute of a male after
the 5th or 6th he killed, so here's hoping he has a son in the group
of juvvies I am raising up.
They will remain separate unless someone with sufficiently deep
pockets (or gawdawfully rare fish eggs to trade) feels like
bribing the hell outa me. ;-)

I do have a pair of wanams that are as clean as can be had, but they only
throw the sporadic egg or three and after a year I am raising up 2 kids. I'm
working on it tho!

The rest of the fish I have are all juvvies and are too young to breed yet
(so I won't list em). Got a fair amount of dwarf cichlids tho... not that
that counts for much on this list, eh? ;-)

(Next?) ;-)
Julie <><

> Why not just do it online here? It would increase the traffic on the list
> and some of us who keep an eye on what is out there would like to know wha
> tis swimming in other peoples tanks. We have a fairly nice forum and I
> don't think this is a problem in terms of the lists FAQ. I would start but
> my fish are several months away from being ready (Pseudomugil furcatus,
> Peacock gudgeons) unless people want eggs of P. furcatus
> On Mon, 19 Mar 2001, Stephen Boulet wrote:
> > To the best of my knowledge it hasn't been. I'm sure that if someone
> > wanted to step in and fill that void then there would be some
> > interest.
> >
> > I guess it's the same for any kind of fish club -- there has to be a
> > minimum number of people with time and energy to spare.
> >
> > It would sure be nice to get a fish and egg listing going again.
> > Maybe a monthly posting to this list would be a good idea; someone
> > would just have to put it together.
> >
> > -- Stephen
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> > Harro Hieronimus wrote:
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> > > I haven't seen the Rainbow Times for at least a year. Is it still
> > > published??
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