Re: [RML]Links for plants?

Wright Huntley (huntley1 at
Sun, 18 Mar 2001 15:27:38 -0800

Ally wrote:
> I see a lot of different info for setting up an aquarium with plants.
> When I set up my 55G tank in June, I would like to have plants that go
> well with bows (and barbs!). I searched the archives but didn't find
> the info I need. I have always used plastic plants. I need some really
> basic info to help me get started, including light requirements,
> gravel/sand etc.
> Thanks!
> Ally

Hi Ally,

For the best condensation of list and newsgroup information on an aquaria
subject, always start at "The Krib." Eric has the
best plant archives going, there, BTW.


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