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Thanks, Bruce!

Nice to think there is the chance that I have 2 females rather than just the
one. :-)
The only other fish from the batch of 100 or more to survive are 3 males.
That is why I am so interested in getting fry. Apparently they do not ship
too well at all. :-(

Julie <><

> Hello All
> Rhads are just about one of my favourite Australian aquarium fish and come
> from the regions surrounding where I live. Matthew is correct in saying
> mostly come from soft acid habitats ( most have tested between between 4
> 6) and seem to prefer dappled shade and moving water that doesn't get too
> hot - your mid 70s sound OK to me Julie.
> In captivity maintaining a soft acid system with some sort of stability is
> not that easy especially at the lower end so Julies coral and around 6
> probably work OK.
> LIke Matthew I generally pond breed them outside in a small group and they
> generally reproduce in spring rather than in the heat of summer. Some
> females show quite a LOT OF COLOUR so go by the rounded fins - young males
> tend to have square tips.
> Regards,
> Bruce Hansen
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