Re: [RML] Questions regarding Rhadinocentrus

bowluvr (bowluvr at
Wed, 14 Mar 2001 18:52:40 -0800

Thanks Matthew!

I use the crushed coral to keep the pH from bottoming out... when it gets so
low that Apistos are uncomfortable (3s), then I think the Rhads may not be
happy either! Yes, it has gone as low as 3.8. The coral doesn't raise it
above neutral unless I add about 5-times as much. :-)

Julie <><

> Julie,
> I can't help you with the sexing but as to their care...
> Toss the crushed coral. Soft acidic water is the domain of Rhads. In my
> experience they never occur in hard water or in water that is alkaline
> when they are right next to the sea.
> Temperature is less critical but avoid big daily changes.
> Others on the list will tell you more about breeding, my only suggestion
> being to toss them into a pond during the summer. Some of the colour forms
> make great pond fish!
> I hope you enjoy your Rhads.