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A little "Magic Flake" (testosterone-enhanced) can go an amazingly long way
in brining out ALL the colors in fish... even in female fish who would not
normally show any at all!
Why do you think all those Asian-bred discus, bows, etc. come into the store
so hurt-your-eyes bright in color? Even when they are half-dead in the bag?
It's Magic! ;-)

While it does not cause testicles to develop, it sure can wreck ovaries, so
if you must use it beware! ;-) The effects upon the fish's color are only
temporary, but it can have lasting damage in the form of sterility for both
sexes if used in too high of dosages or for too long.

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> On 13 Mar 2001, at 20:19, Andrew Boyd wrote:
> > Isn't it testosterone for blue? Or is it green?
> I thinkit is guanine for the green colour. I don't think testosterone
> can cause any colour pigmentation. Being a hormone, enough
> testoterone to cause colour would also cause testicles.:-)
> The irridescent colours are normally due to crystals under the skin.
> > > On Mon, 12 Mar 2001 Piabinha at wrote:
> > >
> > > > is there anything that you can feed fish to accentuate the colors?
> A healthy varied diet should increase colour and overall health. The
> colour normally comes as a partner to good health and the right
> environment factors e.g. morning sunshine.
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