Re: [RML] Suitable tankmates for Pseudomugil signifier and Ps.

Wright Huntley (huntley1 at
Wed, 14 Mar 2001 14:01:52 -0800

Bruce Hansen wrote:
> Wright - I think the problem is how long this fish will maintain fertility
> and vigour in purely fresh water. In nature, heavy rains and tidal
> influences will often result in them being in a layer of lighter freshwater
> in the top few inches of the water column they prefer. In fact sometimes
> Darwin Harbour is virtually pure fresh for weeks at a time but in the long
> run, in nature as well as in captivity I believe they need salt ( from FS to
> 1/5)

I'm pretty sure Justin is well aware of this. It is just a way for him to
have a larger, more spectacular disply of them, while they last. It also
lets him sell into the local market, easier. The impulse buyer rarely has a
brackish species tank ready to go. I'm sure he advises any customers that
don't know, to add salt for long-yerm maintenance or breeding.

> I remember visiting that particular LFS when I was there for the Rainbowfish
> Convention. They had some amazingly unusual fishes that interested me -
> beautiful golden Pseudomugil gertrudae (from the Aru Islands I think),
> Telmatherina bonti (which I had never seen alive before) etc etc
> In my experience the length of time a display tank population of any species
> is maintained in any LFS is likely to be less than 3 months and I'm sure
> they could handle that before starting to go downhill.

Probably the same thinking as Justin. I was just surprised that they would
tolerate it and still look so nice.

Thanks Bruce,


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