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Paul Carter (Paul.Carter at lor.co.uk)
Wed, 14 Mar 2001 14:28:04 -0000

What Julie (et al) need is an acid buffer that will control the pH around
4-5. From my old chemistry days (which were a long time ago) I believe that
it was a mixture of phosphates but are there any Chemists on the list, who
could give some more details? Of course you will probably end up with a lot
of algae.

Anyway, if the fish are happy why change.

The sun is shining on the UK, so Spring must be here. I have been told that
Summer will be early this year, May 14th (then normal bad weather until

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The thing that worries me the most about that low of a pH -- and probably
the reason why most acid-loving fish seem to do poorly at those levels in
aquaria -- is the inherent instability of it. The lower it gets, the easier
and more often it fluctuates. Even feeding the fish could move it some at
that level, and it is darn difficult to do water changes and keep it stable,
maybe short of pre-treating the water to make it match those parameters
exactly. Way too much work.

I'd rather just keep it a tiny bit higher. Like I said, the fish look good
and are eating. They even take flake. The only fish I've kept that suffered
no ill effects from that low of a pH drop have been Rams (Microgeophagus
ramirezi) and Satanoperca spp.