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On 13 Mar 2001, at 20:26, Andrew Boyd wrote:

> I stumbled onto the rainbowfish list while trying to obtain more info on
> rainbowfishes. I just recently 'discovered' them, and I am trying to
> find out alot more info. I have always has fish tanks, but never saw
> rainbowfishes until a few weeks ago.

You lucky fish!
'Bows are great. Very few are God-aweful aggressive and can be
kept in a community. They all display well and eat anything.

> Could you also give me some links to good information? I'd like to do a
> tank with mostly rainbows, but I need alot more info (i.e. tank size,
> good mixes etc).
> Also, what other fish make good tankmates with them?

'bows like to shoal so get as big a tank as possible. For small
bows (<6cm) a 60cm tank would be ok for a group of 6 fish but you
are pushing your luck. For medium size fish (<10cm) a 90 cm tank
would be fine for a group of 5 or six but you are again pushing the
limit. For large bows (>10cm) a 1.2 m tank is best.

Rather work with L/fish than size. For small fish say 5l/fish would
be fine and 20l/fish for large fish.

I have some info on my site as well as some links on my links

Have fun!!!

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