RE: [RML] Questions regarding Rhadinocentrus

Matthew Stanton (matthews at
Tue, 13 Mar 2001 16:20:39 +1100

I can't help you with the sexing but as to their care...
Toss the crushed coral. Soft acidic water is the domain of Rhads. In my
experience they never occur in hard water or in water that is alkaline even
when they are right next to the sea.
Temperature is less critical but avoid big daily changes.
Others on the list will tell you more about breeding, my only suggestion
being to toss them into a pond during the summer. Some of the colour forms
make great pond fish!
I hope you enjoy your Rhads.

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> I am also eager to get any tips, info, comments, etc on keeping and (most
> importantly) breeding this fish. They are currently being housed in our
> soft Portland tapwater, and I have added 2 large-grape-sized chunks of
> crushed coral to keep the pH from bottoming out. The pH stays at or near
> neutral in all the tanks to which I have added these coral chunks, and the
> hardness is low-moderate. Temps in that tank are high 70s F (room is
> heated and it does vary slightly with our changes in weather right now).
> Thanks in advance for the info! :-)
> Julie <><
> PS: So, Wright, does this mean you will be at WCW? ;-) Good. I may get
> to meet you then! :-)