RE: [RML] Suitable tankmates for Pseudomugil cyanodorsalis

Mach Fukada (fukada at
Mon, 12 Mar 2001 15:28:16 -1000 (HST)

I was actually pleasently suprised by this. I had supposed that the
northern forms of P. signifer would prefer higher temps, but they have
manged through the winter without heaters. Not a big problems you say,
being that I am in Hawaii, but It does get down to 12-15 C range here
on mountain. While I was in Honolulu I kept both in unheated tanks and
they did just fine inthe ambient conditions. Of course the Townsville
signifer seems to linke it warm to show off and spawn....

On Tue, 13 Mar 2001, Matthew Stanton wrote:

> There are other good tank mates for them but what is your problem with just
> having a display of Pacific Blue-eyes?
> Also signifers and cyanos may clash in another way. Pacific Blue-eyes (at
> least those from NSW) are usually found in water considerably cooler than
> the coolest water that cyanodorsalis would ever be found in. My Pacific
> Blue-eyes stay active down to about 10 degrees C and seem to survive
> sustained water temperatures down to at least 7 degrees C. A couple of weeks
> of 30+ degrees C water leaves them looking a bit worse for wear but in
> nature cyanodorsalis must spend most of their lives at these kinds of
> temperatures.